Futuristic Faucets for Every Kitchen

It’s time to upgrade your home’s most used water dispenser. Kitchen faucet technology is so advanced in terms of design and features that you would be doing your home a disservice if you didn’t consider any of the following.

Sensation with Kohler Konnect

Kohler has long been known for combining innovative technology with bold design. With Sensate with Kohler Konnect, Kohler brings its distinctive touch to the world of kitchen fittings. The slender and serpentine Sensate is as intelligent as it is elegant, and allows users to operate it completely via voice control – and we mean that completely. Owners can instruct the Sensate to turn on, turn off, dispense an exact amount of water, or fill a pot to a certain level. The Sensate also takes care of itself, monitoring water usage, detecting leaks and notifying users via the Kohler Konnect app.

Pricing and availability for the Sensate with Kohler Konnect have not yet been announced, but the faucet will be available in three styles at launch (polished chrome, vibrating stainless steel, or oil rubbed bronze). Interested parties can register at Kohler.com to be notified before the start.

Delta Touch2O

Turn your faucet on or off with a simple tap of your finger – from any part of the body to any part of the faucet. Delta’s Touch20 technology faucets reduce the spread of dirt and germs by making it easy for users to clean their hands or various culinary facilities. Just touch any part of a Delta Touch20 faucet and it will start spraying. A second touch turns it off. How wonderfully simple. It doesn’t end there, however. In the run-up to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Delta announced that Amazon AI assistant Alexa will work with future versions of the Touch20 faucets – an upgrade that allows owners to activate their faucets by voice and determine the amount and temperature of the water being dispensed. Better still, Delta said they will give current Touch20 faucet owners the option to upgrade without buying a new device.

Current Delta Touch20 faucets range from $ 307 to $ 739, depending on the model and additional features. Pricing and availability for Alexa-enabled Touch20 faucets have not yet been announced.

Moen MotionSense

If talking to your faucet seems like a bridge too far, there are MotionSense Touchless Faucets from Moen. These minimalist and modern faucets are equipped with sensors that activate or obstruct the flow of water when they detect movement – be it by swiping a hand or by placing an empty jug underneath. By activating movement, owners can keep their kitchens – and especially their stylish sink fittings – a little cleaner by, for example, having to do without handles with hands covered with egg yolk.

Moen MotionSense touchless faucets range from $ 467 to $ 933, depending on the number of sensors and type of faucet.

Grohe Blue chilled and sparkling

Of course, kitchen fittings are not only used to clean hands and dishes. They also provide much-needed refreshment, and if your kitchen tap is primarily used for drinking water, you won’t do any better than the Grohe Blue Chilled & Sparkling. Not only does this faucet and filter system provide owners with fresh, clean water to consume, it cools the drink at a comfortable 6 ° C (42.8 ° Fahrenheit) and offers a choice of three types of water: still, semi-sparkling, or fully carbonated. Yes, chilled seltzer water on request without additional worktop equipment. What a time to be alive.

The Grohe Blue Chilled & Sparkling Starter Kit is available for $ 4,599.

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