General Pipe Cleaners Brings Back Snake-Oil Classic for Sewer Cables, Equipment

General Pipe Cleaners has brought back the original snake oil, which is used to protect the sewer cables from rust. Now called Snake-Oil Classic, it’s better than traditional lubricants because General’s special anti-rust agent cuts through moisture and replaces it with a rust-resistant coating.

Sewer cables and machines – including drums, bearings, and power cords – can enjoy a significantly longer service life with Snake-Oil Classic. And General’s deodorant all smells fresh and clean. It’s easy to use too. Simply pour a lot of Snake-Oil Classic into the machine’s cable reel and rotate the container so that the oil touches as much of the cable as possible. Then drain off any excess Snake-Oil Classic and allow the cable to air dry.

Snake-Oil Classic complements Snake-Oil Plus, the new non-toxic, biodegradable addition to the Snake-Oil family from General. Snake-Oil Plus creates a practically non-stick surface that prevents mud and dirt from sticking to cables and devices– –Extension of the lifespan of both.

Snake-Oil Classic is available in quarts or gallons.

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