Go ‘Trenchless’ with Griffin Plumbing

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– Listen to North County, there are new plumbing professionals in town. Griffin Plumbing is a family owned and operated team based out of Santa Maria that has served on the Central Coast for over a decade. Griffin Plumbing is run by the married couple Joy and Jeremy Griffin and offers a wide variety of household and commercial services, from expert repairs and conversions to service line replacement and water treatment. The collective of experienced technicians can tackle any large or small project.

What sets the Griffin Plumbing team apart from other plumbing companies in the area is their dedication to education and new technology. They offer training seminars twice a week that keep the technicians updated on the latest techniques and share proven tips and tricks to ensure they are equipped for any task with ease and experience.

The plumbing professionals specialize in a service that is urgently needed here in North County, where extensive tree roots often blow up sewers: trenchless sewer repair. Gone are the days when the entire pipe had to be excavated to repair or replace a sewer pipe. Using the existing access, Griffin technicians install a corrosion resistant epoxy liner that creates a brand new pipe within the damaged pipe without leaving a trace.

Thanks to trenchless pipe repair technology, even the most difficult repairs do not have to break new ground or destroy driveways or excavate in medium-sized houses or offices. Even better, the bank doesn’t break and it saves time and money compared to traditional repair techniques.

When looking for a new, reliable, and experienced plumber in North County you can count on Griffin Plumbing to provide you with expert service that guarantees you the right solution, every time. Contact one of their friendly technicians today at (805) 934-1949.

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