Gooseneck bathroom faucet rises to the occasion

Q: I’m installing a new sink / vanity and want to make a rogue by installing a higher than average faucet. However, I don’t want the spout of the faucet to be so high that it splashes on top. What do you suggest for a viable faucet choice?

ONE: Tall bathroom faucets are available but are typically intended for kitchen sink applications. While sink faucets are attractive, they can be a bit tall for a standard vanity setup.

In order to gain a little more spout height and at the same time maintain the functionality of a washbasin, I recommend a bathroom fitting with a low gooseneck. These faucets have a medium-high gooseneck style spout and are available with a variety of handle styles and finishes.

Some bathroom faucets with a low gooseneck feature laminar spouts to save water and prevent splashes. Laminar spouts provide a smooth, bubble-free flow similar to what you see in a dancing water fountain.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to bend the rules of faucet spout for your new vanity, check out a low gooseneck bathroom faucet (and honk if you like this advice!).

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor, and author. Send questions to [email protected]

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