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Q: Ed: I installed a new sink / vanity top but want to install a higher than average faucet and act fraudulently. But I don’t want the faucet spout high enough to spill. What do you suggest for a viable faucet choice?

– Terry, Nebraska

A: Large bathroom faucets are available, but they are typically used for submerging containers. The container basin mixer is attractive, but can be a bit too expensive for a standard basin setting.

In order to increase the height of the spout and at the same time be a practical choice for washbasins, we recommend bathroom fittings with a low gooseneck. These faucets feature a medium-high gooseneck style spout with a variety of handle styles and finishes to choose from.

Some low gooseneck bathroom faucets have a laminar spout to save water and reduce splashes. The laminar outlet ensures a soft, bubble-free flow, similar to the flow found in dancing fountains.

Bottom line: if you want to bend the leakage rules for the new basin faucets, take a look at the low gooseneck bathroom faucets (if you like this advice, give us a call!).

Master Contractor / Plumber Ed Del Grande is internationally known as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call”, moderator of television and internet shows and LEED Green Associate. Go to or write to eadelg @ Always contact your local contractor and code.

Gooseneck bathroom faucets seize this opportunity – Reading Eagle

Quelllink gooseneck bathroom fittings seize this opportunity – Reading Eagle

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