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The problems with high levels of manganese in Grantsburg’s urban water system should be resolved soon, said Jerry Konobeck, director of public works for the village.

Konobeck announced to the Grantsburg Village Board that they had the system up and running for the first time this week, and while they had some issues to resolve, he’s confident they can get the system working properly so they can do the Wisconsin DNR can get them set up to approve the final and finally put the system online for residents

“We have a few problems, including some problems with the pump amperage,” Konobeck told the board on Monday, December 13th.

He said that they will meet with the pump company in the coming days to resolve this issue and that he and his staff will also be giving training on the new filtration system this week.

“It all comes together!” Konobeck said after the meeting, and he was confident that the new filtration system in well # 3 will solve the lingering manganese problem that came to light late

2019 and was tracked down to Well # 3, which was shut down in late 2020 in preparation for the new filter system.

The project has had a number of delays due to technical reviews, pandemic downtimes, parts availability, shipping delays and more, but is slated to get back online in the coming weeks, provided there are no further delays in approval or final calibration.

Last month, it was discovered that Well # 3’s system rehabilitation and filtration system had been installed but was missing several critical fittings that were delayed due to backorders and only recently arrived. The first flush of the new system took place on Monday, December 13th, with further fine-tuning to ensure that the well was not damaged during the construction of the new system.

The high level of manganese is primarily a problem for older adults and young children, who are advised not to drink the village’s tap water. The village has now provided residents with a filtered faucet in the meetinghouse, but it has been a real challenge for many residents to avoid their taps and instead fill jugs in the meetinghouse.

The DNR approved plans to install a manganese filter in well # 3 in October 2020, and the new engineering and construction of the filter system was originally scheduled to go into operation for service in June last year. According to the village, they are also pursuing plans to install treatment equipment in wells # 1 and # 2 once the filtration system project in well # 3 is completed.

The Sentinel hopes to be able to inspect the new well and filter system in the coming weeks.

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