GS E&C Develops Technology to Fix Water Pipes without Digging Ground

A water pipe before (left) and after (right) repair

GS Engineering & Construction (GS E&C) has developed environmentally friendly technology to repair water pipes without digging the ground.

GS E&C announced on November 11th that it has received a New Technology Certificate from the Ministry of the Environment for its non-extrusion-free water pipe repair technology, which was jointly developed with Duksan Construction Co.

In this process, a liner consisting of a hotmelt layer and a PE film layer developed by GS E&C itself is drawn into existing water supply pipes without excavation and then heated in order to attach the liner to the inner surface of the pipes.

So far, the main way to improve water supply pipes has been to replace old pipes with new ones. However, this approach is costly and there is a high risk of safety accidents.

The repair method without extrusion is expected to solve most of these problems. The core element of this process is hotmelt. One current method of construction causes a phenomenon in which hot melt, after penetrating into nonwoven fabrics, hardens and generates bad odors. A hot melt material developed by GS E&C solved this problem.

The use of the non-extractive repair method is expected to shorten the construction time by 30 percent compared to the current excavation method and the construction costs by 39 percent.

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