HamatUSA’s Chelsea Workstation Sink Combines Fireclay with Farmhouse Style

Courtesy of Hamat USA

HamatUSA has introduced its new Chelsea countertop sink that combines the strength of natural fireclay with a classic farmhouse apron front and countertop ledges that accommodate a range of accessories.

While other fireclay worktops are limited to a straight ledge, the Chelsea’s drop ledge expands the sink’s functionality. Accessories flow seamlessly between the upper and lower levels to be positioned where needed or conveniently pushed out of the way.

The Chelsea sink measures 33″ x 20″ with a center drain and a deep single bowl. The sink is offered in a range of classic colors including white, matte black, matte gray and bisque. It includes a colander for rinsing produce and pasta, a rubber tree cutting board for prep, a multipurpose roll-up mat, a bottom grid, and a strainer basket.

HamatUSA has every fireclay brick washed by hand in its factory in Turkey. The proprietary blend of fireclay is meticulously formed using advanced injection molding, then hand brushed and sponged before being allowed to cure for 48 hours. After glazing, the sinks are fired in a kiln at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 20 hours. This extreme temperature fuses the fireclay with the glaze for a finish that the manufacturer says is incredibly durable and resistant to chipping, cracking, and scratching.

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