Hamptons Gifts to Bring the Holidays to Your Home

F.From home decor to practical cutlery and much more, items handcrafted by talented East End artisans really make something special. These gifts, with a local twist, are sure to add to any Hamptons (or North Fork!) Home this holiday season.

Hamptons hand-poured candles
Hampton’s hand-cast candles are made from natural soy with herbal scented oils and represent the various areas of the East End, including villages and towns, as well as specific locations. “Long Wharf”, for example, smells of cedar wood, vanilla and honey. “The End”, which represents Montauk, smells of sandalwood, bergamot and spices. hamptonshandpoured.com

Hamptons hand embroidered pillow
This beautiful pillow is available at Hildreth’s and is made by the award-winning Catstudio. It’s hand stitched and signed by the craftsman who sewed it. Catstudio notes that these stunning works of art can take up to 40 hours to complete! Catstudio also sells other items with the Hamptons embroidery, including tea towels and drinking glasses. hildreths.com, catstudio.com

Personalized gifts from the Monogram Shop
The mother / daughter duo Valerie and Hadley Smith opened this staple on Newtown Lane more than 20 years ago. The Monogram Shop offers beautiful, personalized gifts for the home, including linen tissue boxes, stemless wine glasses, white terry towels with customizable monogrammed letters, napkins and much more. 19 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, themonogramshops.com

Chrome plating with Badilla Painters, Inc.
Local painter Joe Badilla offers high-end chrome finishing for just about every household item you can think of. “If we can paint it, we can chrome it!” Badilla told Behind the Hedges earlier this year. This includes large-format items such as cupboards or furniture, as well as smaller items such as plates and cutlery. The chrome finish is available in different colors to match your home. badillapainters.com

Eve Behar pottery
The talented potter Eve Behar creates beautiful works of art from her studio in Sag Harbor. Products include flower bricks, vases, and serving dishes. Behar’s works use a variety of glazes and are not only visually striking and unique, but also useful and practical as home decor. evebehar.com

Hamptons Quilt from Haptic Lab
This gorgeous embroidered quilt from Brooklyn-based design firm Haptic Lab features a map of the East End, including both forks. The streets and topography of the ocean are entirely hand-sewn and the quilt is available in both navy and gold. The design is currently being converted to purely organic materials. hapticlab.com

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