Have a blast with these spray options for your kitchen faucet

Q: I read your column regularly and enjoy the topic of new plumbing technology. I am going to buy a new kitchen faucet soon and would like a pull-out shower head. Since I want cool features, what new spray head options are available?

ONE: Make a few notes, because kitchen faucets with pull-out and pull-down shower heads are very popular. And with the popularity comes a lot of new features. Here are five of my favorite spray head options for new kitchen faucets.

Spray boost. Give your spray head a controlled boost of additional water spray power at the push of a button.

Soft spray. Rinse delicate products and fruits gently without causing pressure points.

Sweep spray. Special angled nozzles generate a jet of water to sweep away stuck food.

Ring spray. Aim at your spray area with a narrow water ring.

Pause function. Immediately stop the flow of water – and that’s my cue to stop right here.

Ed Del Grande: [email protected] Ed Del Grande is a master plumber and contractor and author of Ed Del Grande’s House Call.

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