Hazouri Says Despite Phase-Out, New Jax Homes Can Still Be Built With Septic Tanks

Jacksonville is spending more than $ 1 billion cleaning failing and leaking septic tanks in 35 neighborhoods.

The city’s exit plan is based on a commitment made decades ago to remove septic tanks and connect households to the municipal sewage system.

But some people wonder why septic tanks are being installed in new neighborhoods.

Jacksonville City Council President Tommy Hazouri spoke to Melissa Ross on Monday on WJCT News’ First Coast Connect.

“Some developers, where they can’t fill city water or sewer, do the septic tanks. Obviously, these septic tanks do not harm the health, safety, and welfare of the community. You are brand new. You are done with the most modern approach. I asked our public works department why they still have the opportunity to do so. And he said they always made it, and there is no law that prevents it. “

There are around 65,000 septic tanks still in operation in Jacksonville.

Hazouri also brings up other issues, including political struggles.

You can hear the entire interview with Hazouri on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross on Monday, which will be posted on WJCT News 89.9 on Monday at 8 p.m.

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