Henderson Municipal Gas officials warn customers about rising utility costs

HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The city of Henderson warns its customers that they will pay more to heat their homes in the winter.

Henderson Municipal Gas officials say US natural gas prices have been rising for several months, largely due to high demand and supply chain and storage issues.

Local customers can expect the natural gas share of their electricity bills to increase by 40 to 50 percent. However, a colder than normal winter or an early cold snap could drive prices even higher.

The City of Henderson recommends that customers take advantage of programs that support these increases, such as: B. Budget statements and utilities utilities. Customers who have not had late payments in the last 12 months qualify for Budget Settlement, which averages the last 12 invoices and adds a contingency for price increases and atypical weather. Utility customers pay the average amount each month.

You can also take steps to reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home this winter.

Some things you can do to save whether you use natural gas to heat your home or just have a few gas-powered appliances:

Seal it up

Check for leaks around windows, doors and other openings to the outside. Seal these leaks with sealant and keep the heat in. For the greatest savings, add insulation in the attic. Installing storm windows can also reduce heat loss through windows by around 10-20 percent.

Cover it up

Cover bare floors with carpet. Wrap old water heaters in suitable insulating jackets. Insulate your pipes.

Clean it up

Have a qualified professional inspect your oven regularly and change the filters once a month.
Make sure your dryer filter is lint-free. Regularly change your air filter in your HVAC system

Change your ways

Wash cold. If possible, use the cold water setting on your washing machine. When it’s cold outside but also sunny, open the blinds during the day so that the sun can heat your home. Save money by lowering your thermostat to 68 degrees in winter. For every degree that you heat in the range of 60 to 70 degrees, you save up to 5 percent on heating costs. Consider installing a programmable thermostat to automate your HVAC system. Turn down the water heater. Don’t set your water heater higher than 120 degrees F. Cook up energy savings. If possible, use a smaller pan and put a lid on it to help the food cook faster. Use the microwave to reheat food whenever possible.

You can find some links to conservation articles on the Henderson Municipal Gas Facebook page.

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