Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical Instrumental In Helping Residents Recover From Recent Winter Storm – Press Release

A few weeks ago, residents of Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee witnessed a devastating winter storm that created several uncomfortable situations, particularly when water pipes broke through several states and caused millions of dollars in damage. This has effectively cut people off their water supply and exposed them to blocks of ice right in their homes.

Most people have had to take drastic measures to keep themselves and their households warm. Some of these measures included wearing many layers of clothing, making an outdoor fireplace, and sleeping in cars to keep both children and adults warm.

The devastating weather had a negative impact on life and property. Reports show thousands of vehicle accidents and thousands of homes reporting damage to water systems so people had to use the toilet a few times before being flushed with water from a swimming pool.

One of the greatest challenges during the dangerous winter storm is the freezing of the pipes and the excessive coldness of people’s homes. Entire sanitary systems were also disrupted. In desperation, most families had to cook snow for bathing, cooking, drinking, and other domestic activities.

The unfortunate event has left all Americans needing only a modest knowledge of ideas for preparing for winter storms and how to effectively prevent frozen pipes. In winter, the water in the pipes freezes, causing the pipe to expand and break. According to the experts at Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, the following measures will help people handle or prevent frozen pipes when a winter storm occurs.

“Keeping your home heating at a constant temperature is one of the best ways to avoid frozen pipes. It doesn’t have to run at a high temperature. Running around 50 degrees Fahrenheit should be enough. In winter, some rooms can be cold while others are warm.

Homeowners can prevent their pipes from freezing by placing a fan in the warm room to blow some of the heat into the cold room. If the pipes in cabinets and cabinets do not get warm enough, open the cabinet doors. Pipes in the garage are in greater danger and exposed to the unforgiving winter cold. So always keep the garage closed to retain heat and keep the pipes warm. “

The Hiller representative concluded: “If the toilet does not flush or there is no water in the kitchen in winter, these are signs of frozen pipes. The first thing to do after suspecting a frozen pipe is to turn off the water supply. If there is a complicated installation problem like burst pipes, contact an experienced plumber to fix the problem. “

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