Houston winter storm: Missouri City woman’s ceiling caves in after pipes burst in her home

MISSOURI CITY, Texas (KTRK) – A woman in Missouri City runs out of space after the pipes in her home burst and her roof collapsed.

ABC13’s Nick Natario gained access to the damage to her home on Tuesday. She said she was home when the copper pipe broke over her kitchen and water seeped through the ceiling.

Minutes later everything collapsed. She did everything she could to avoid damage like insulating her pipes, but saw it anyway.

The woman told Eyewitness News that she rushed outside to turn off her water but was unsuccessful. She said she even suffered a couple of minor cuts while working to turn it off.

Fortunately, she managed to contact a plumber and has received help ever since. However, the woman does not want to stay in her house under such conditions and has few options.

So what do you do when your pipes burst due to freezing temperatures? Here are a few steps.

  • Turn off the flow of water if you think a pipe is broken, even if you don’t know where the water is coming from.
  • Next, take your time to investigate the damage. After draining the excess water, locate the broken pipe.
  • Repair the burst pipe or get a professional team to help.

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