How do I unblock a kitchen sink without using toxic chemicals?

How can I unlock my kitchen sink without using a bottle of dangerous and toxic chemicals?


Glad you asked because I believe it remains the most useful piece of domestic / science glare ever.

Prepare to surprise the children.

Pour a heaping tablespoon or two of baking soda – right into the hole.

Add a cup (about half of a traditional table top bottle) of white vinegar.

Listen to the terrifying and fascinating battle between the soda and dirt.

After about two minutes, chase the whole crowd off with a full kettle of boiling water.

Done – hopefully.

You need a flush plunger – it’s always been popular, a really useful piece of the kit to have on hand, and it’s a decade from any good home improvement store.

Pour a few inches of water over the flask (avoid adding more liquid to the drama), form a seal, and cover the overflow with a rag to avoid a face full of water.

Dip straight up and down with both hands.

Don’t use a plunger if the drain is already filled with chemical cleaner – this will likely lead to a trip to A&E.

If you can’t get a U-bend apart on your own, give the plumber a call.

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