How to keep your bathroom clean from week to week

Use non-contact functions

Touchless bathroom features can be fairly common in public toilets, but why not bring them into your home too? Bathroom faucets that do not require a contact to turn on and off are an option. However, you can also save a few dollars by simply installing a faucet adapter with a sensor. Amazon got one from iTouchless for $ 35.66.

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Install a bidet

Bidets are no longer as unusual as they were before the pandemic. NPR reported last year that the lack of toilet paper at the start of the pandemic led to a surge in their popularity for good reason. Business Insider reported that using them may lead to fewer medical problems such as skin rashes or hemorrhoids and urinary tract infections. They’re also gentler on the dresser, as it’s more of a jet of water than a damp cloth, which can lead to costly sewer damage and a potentially crude bathroom.

There are several different bidet options that can be easily installed on your toilet in the market today, including this non-electric hot and cold water bidet attachment that is available to AJC readers for a limited time for $ 69.99.

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Disinfect the shower curtain

Just because you get clean in the shower doesn’t mean the curtain gets the same treatment. Give it some attention by regularly throwing it in the washing machine when the manufacturer says it’s okay. According to Better Homes & Gardens, most fabric curtains and linings can withstand rotation on a gentle cycle.

You can also take steps to prevent mold, mildew, and soap scum from building up ahead of time by using a shower curtain film that resists the dirt, like this one on Amazon for $ 10.99.

Turn off the bath mats

Bath mats made from soft, cozy materials are the first choice, but their fibers can contain dirt. You can exchange them for ones made from natural materials like kieselguhr or bamboo. Spruce notes that bamboo options prevent mold and mildew from growing, while diatomite mats, which are fossilized aquatic materials, are naturally antibacterial. You can get a bamboo option from for $ 33.97.

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