How to not have frozen pipes this winter

WESTERN SLOPE, Colorado (KFQX) – One of the first signs of your water pipe freezing is that little to no water is coming out of your faucet. Frozen pipes can surprise you in the mild winter climate of the western slope. City of Grand Junction’s Water Service Manager, Mark Ritterbush, also says it can cause burst pipes and water damage in your home.

The biggest cause of frozen pipes in the valley and what local residents can prevent may surprise you: open garage doors.

“Opening your garage door unnecessarily increases the chances of your pipes freezing in the cold and makes it harder to keep your house warm,” said Mark Ritterbush, Grand Junction’s water services manager.

Ute Water serves nearly 90,000 customers a day, but during the winter the phone calls increase for all water utilities – most of them through frozen pipes.

One of many ways to keep water pipes in shape is to keep a steady trickle out of the tap, but Ute Water’s Andrea Lopez is promoting smart irrigation with this precaution.

“While you’re dripping the water, maybe fill a pet bowl or pitcher with water that you can then use to water plants,” suggests Andrea Lopez, Ute Wasser’s external relations specialist. It doesn’t go straight down the drain, but we can use it and promote water saving. “

If pipes freeze, your supplier or a plumber can fix it. There are also things you can do such as: B. Opening a closet, but here are some other tips to keep your pipes flowing.

“If you have an exposed pipe, you can wrap it with heating tape or insulate the pipe, as exposed pipes are more likely to actually freeze if the temperature begins to drop,” says Lopez.

“The most important thing is not to bring a propane burner to thaw the pipe,” emphasizes Ritterbush. this pressure can cause your pipe to burst. “

If you’re not careful, frozen pipes can inadvertently cool your home this winter. Every water company has a technician on call to help keep your pipes the way they should.

A great tip from water suppliers is always to know where the main shut-off valve for your water is as it can prevent and reduce further damage.

If you have access to the main shut-off valve, you can obtain a label from your water company.

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