How to organise a small kitchen

Because compact kitchens have limited space, it can be difficult to create a well-organized space that can methodically house all of the storage and functions. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the functionality of a compact kitchen to ensure pleasant and stress-free cooking. This guide will teach you how to get the most out of every square inch of space.

Minimize clutter

Keep the kitchen counter free as overcrowded countertops offer limited space for food prep and cooking.

Increase the vertical storage

  • Identify the vertical spaces of the kitchen that are suitable for storage. Raise the wall units to the ceiling and finish them off with a contrasting or similar colored laminate. You can also use the empty space above the wall units to store items you use occasionally.
  • Integrate multi-tier storage by adding a wire shelf riser to each shelf. This setting increases the vertical storage of each shelf and is ideal for accommodating two layers of cups, glasses or bowls on a single shelf.
  • The cabinet doors are one of the least used areas of the kitchen. Insert hooks and use them to hang small pots, pans, or ladles.
  • Narrow racks can be attached to the sides of the kitchen cabinet doors, which are ideal for storing canned goods, spices, lemonades and much more.
  • The empty space above the refrigerator should be used to store baskets that are easily accessible and lightweight.

To maximize storage space, use the entire wall area up to the ceiling

Introduce modular kitchen accessories

  • Drawer dividers are one of the easiest ways to keep the kitchen organized. It separates the spoons, knives, forks and keeps everything in place.
  • Midway systems can be installed at the back of the kitchen so that the area between the wall units and the countertop can be used for storage.
  • Access the hard-to-reach corners of compact L- and U-shaped kitchens with Lazy Susans or a corner carousel.
  • Since the area under the sink is usually neglected, install an under sink and use it to store all of the house’s cleaning supplies.
  • Imagine a magnetic stand that can stick to the door of the refrigerator. These racks are ideal for creating space for spices, paper towels, tea towels, etc.

Organize the kitchen

  • Similar items in the kitchen should be stored together. Note that frequently used articles should be saved at a lower level and rarely used articles should be saved at a higher level.
  • Use a storage organizer to stack trays, cutting boards, and serving platters.
  • Transparent containers of different sizes should be used for storing legumes, spices, grains, etc. Make sure you place all of the bins in height and label the steel bins.

A well-arranged kitchen always looks more spacious

Use underutilized areas

  • The bare wall of the kitchen or the sides of the cabinets can be used to install wall-mounted baskets to hold fruit, vegetables or other kitchen ingredients.
  • Make optimal use of tight gaps in the kitchen, as the wheels offer little storage space as they can be easily extended and retracted.
  • If the kitchen has a window, use the kitchen threshold for storage.
  • Install a breadboard on a blank wall as it is best for flexible storage.
  • Imagine a hanging rack for hanging and storing saucepans and pans so that they are easily accessible.
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