How to prevent costly damage to your pipes during freezing temperatures

ST. LOUIS – The extreme cold in parts of the country can create many problems, including water pipes bursting.

The experts at Hoffmann Brothers, a full home service provider in Brentwood, said kitchens are an area where significant pipe problems can arise. They say they are already starting to see pipe problems and they expect many more problems to arise in the days to come.

Watch out for freezing temperatures that lead to frozen pipes and water line breaks

To prevent pipes from bursting, Hoffmann Brothers suggests:

  • Like a kitchen sink and bathtub, put faucets on a drop to allow the water to flow in the pipes
  • Open cabinets and doors to conduct heat into areas with pipes
  • Turn the thermostat up a degree or two to allow more heat to flow through the house
  • Point space heaters in problematic pipe areas as long as the space heater is used safely

Hoffmann Brothers said broken pipes become a big problem when temperatures drop into the teenage or single digits. They say that pipes near the exterior of houses are most likely to break and that copper and galvanized steel pipes are the biggest culprits.

Pipes freeze before they burst and breakage can occur relatively quickly or only after thawing. Hoffmann Brothers said if you have a pipe that freezes add some kind of heat to it and call a company to help. The damage from burst pipes can be very costly.

A State Farm Insurance statement said it paid out $ 60 million in frozen pipe damages claims last year. Illinois suffered the most damage, while Missouri was number ten on the list.

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