HVP Magazine – Pimlico Plumbers to open apprenticeship training centre



Pimlico Plumbers’ founder and CEO, Charlie Mullins, has announced plans to open his own training academy to fulfill his ambition to employ hundreds of trainees.

The announcement coincides with the launch of the final tranche of eight new plumbing and heating apprentices who join the company this week, bringing the company’s total apprenticeship to 83.

The opening of the Pimlico Apprenticeship Training Center, which will be located at the company’s headquarters in Lambeth, south London, will enable the company to provide all of the theoretical and practical skills required to qualify as a commercial apprentice.

In cooperation with training and education providers as well as directly employed experienced trainers, the center will recruit and train young people and offer the opportunity to work with Pimlico’s team of craftsmen in disciplines such as plumbing and heating, electrics, carpentry and construction.

The center would complement Pimlico’s non-commercial training programs in areas such as accounting, customer service and marketing.

The youngest group of Pimlico apprentices will be training four days a week with the company’s plumbing and heating engineers. with a day at one of the company’s recognized colleges.

Charlie Mullins said, “Opening a Pimlico Apprenticeship Training Center is a huge undertaking, but it has been my dream for years and worth every penny it cost to build a local talent pool of eager young people and welcome them straight to the business Beginning of her career.

“We are inundated with applications every year and are constantly increasing the number of trainees we have on board to achieve our goals. The creation of the center will expand our capacities.

“We started a major recruiting offensive in 2018 and didn’t stand still all year round. With 75 on our books, our goal is to keep increasing that amount until every engineer works with an apprentice. We currently have more than 350 engineers. “

Charlie added, “Apprentices are a big part of Pimlico, and not just because they make good business sense. The thing is, my education saved my life, opened my world to many possibilities, and had a lifetime of success. Perhaps I really understand the value of the program for young people because I have firsthand experience with an apprenticeship, but as a businessman, I also really appreciate the importance of an apprentice to business and the economy at large. ”

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