I tried this TikTok bathroom cleaning hack and it actually works

TikTok seems to be the go-to place for quick and easy cleaning hacks. Some are brilliant ideas, others less so. But one thing is for sure, bathroom cleaning hacks are gaining traction, and many want their tubs and faucets sparkling clean without elbow grease.

If you are spending way too much money on bathroom cleaning products that don’t do the job, this TikTok hack might be your answer.

The Carolina McCauley TikTok video in question shows us that you can really clean your bathroom thoroughly with just these four simple steps. Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything.

How to clean your bathroom in four steps

1. Start by cleaning your faucets. To do this, soak a few towels or tea towels in white vinegar for a few minutes. Then, place towels over your bathroom fixtures and wrap them around to keep them in place.

Cloths soaked in white vinegar

Cloths soaked in white vinegar (Photo credit: Toms Guide)

2. Pour a small cup of baking soda down your drain, followed by white vinegar. Together, this will fizzle out, creating a chemical reaction that works well to deodorize your drain and get rid of clogs. (And be sure to read our guide on how to unplug a drain without a plunger).

Poured vinegar into the bathroom drain

Poured vinegar into the bathroom drain (Photo credit: Toms Guide)

3. Next, it’s time to tackle the bathtub. Sprinkle baking soda over the bathtub, making sure all surfaces are covered. Then pour detergent on the baking soda in the bathtub. Then clean the bathroom with a soft sponge and warm water from your tap. If you have a shower door, check out our guide on cleaning a glass shower door to remove limescale and stains.

Scrub bathtub

Scrub bathtub (Photo credit: Toms Guide)

4th Finally, rinse your bathroom completely so that no soap residue or residue is left behind. Now is also a good time to remove those soaked towels from your faucet. You should now have a pristine bathtub and shiny faucets. Has your shower seen better days? How to clean a shower head.

Clean the bathtub

Clean the bathtub (Photo credit: Toms Guide)

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