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Iguanas. We’re used to seeing them in our courtyards, sitting in tall green trees, or even crossing busy streets and streets, but finding them in your toilet is something even the most seasoned South Florida resident never fully prepares for can be.

When Courtney Ortiz’s son found one of the reptiles in the bathroom of her Hollywood home on Wednesday, he immediately panicked and called his father.

“There’s an iguana in our toilet! There’s an iguana in our bathroom! he said. “Oh my god, it’s just sitting on the toilet, please hurry up.”

Ortiz said her son had just got home from school and his father was in a meeting. In a fit of fear, he next called Ortiz screaming.

“It was the most terrifying two seconds of my life before I realized what he was screaming about and then I just started laughing,” Ortiz said in an email.

Courtney Ortiz, Courtney Studios

Incredibly, iguanas in toilets are not an unknown phenomenon in South Florida or the state in general. Novice iguanas say the creatures can climb from trees to the roofs of houses and then get into someone’s plumbing through the vent pipe in the roof.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, once an iguana gets into someone’s plumbing, it can swim through the sewer system. Then a way out is sought.

“It’s the luck of the draw where they come out,” Boca Grande iguana hunter George Cera told The Times. “The next place to jump out is your 3-inch toilet pipe.”

There was news of iguanas in toilets in Fort Lauderdale, West Kendall, and Key Biscayne, as well as other communities in South Florida. Interestingly, the phenomenon only occurs in the Sunshine State, the Times reported.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, iguanas are excellent swimmers and can tolerate both salt and freshwater environments for up to four hours straight. The creature’s propensity for damp and wet areas makes it easier for them to survive in places like a toilet bowl for long periods of time.

Photos by Ortiz, who owns the Courtney Studios photo company, show the iguana being removed from the toilet bowl by a trapper and safely transported out of the house.

Photo: Courtney Ortiz, Courtney Studios

Photo: Courtney Ortiz, Courtney Studios

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