Illinois American Water investing more than $13 million in Peoria and Pekin water systems

PEORIA, Illinois (WMBD) – Just in time for Infrastructure Week, Illinois American Water announced an investment of more than $ 10 million in the Peoria Water System and $ 3 million in the Pekin Water System.

The company supplies 1.3 million Illinois residents with water.

More than 23,000 feet (4.5 miles) of aqueduct will be replaced in Peoria, while 14,600 feet (2.8 miles) in Beijing will be replaced.

Customers affected by the main water projects will be notified by post.

“While we are working in the neighborhood, we will communicate with customers. So when you need to flush your system or when the water service is temporarily shut down or you know when we are moving from the new main line. So we put the new main line in first, then test it and make sure it meets all EPA requirements, ”said Karen Cotton, spokeswoman for Illinois American Water.

Aside from the aqueduct, Peoria is getting two other upgrades: replacing a booster station in Bartonville near Enterprise Drive and a new high-level storage tank on Lake Camelot.

“So a booster station is very important because it helps to increase the water significantly. This is how it promotes water in our communities. It increases the water uphill and the water from one pressure zone to another pressure zone, ”said Cotton.

A new technology, frequency converters, is added to the booster station to improve efficiency.

“It helps to provide water at variable speeds. Basically, that’s what it says … it’s frequency converters rather than constant speed. So that means that energy consumption is controlled and our ecological footprint is reduced, ”she said.

The new 150,000 gallon water storage tank will replace the current one, which was built in the 1970s and “has reached the end of its useful life”.

“So we’re going to replace it in the same place, we’re going to build a new one. And that helps ensure we have continuous water pressure and flow for fire safety. As a private water company, Illinois American Water is responsible for the maintenance, installation and testing of all hydrants. We work very closely with our local heroes and part of that commitment is to make sure our storage tanks are fire-rated, ”she said.

All projects should be completed by the end of the year, Cotton said. She said customers can visit the Illinois American Water website for the status and timing of their area will be affected.

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