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(WALL) – As temperatures keep getting colder, Illinois American Water is reminding homeowners to be wary of frozen pipes.

Illinois American Water recommends several preventative tips to help ensure safe water service for its customers.

To prevent the pipes from freezing, it is recommended to run a small trickle of water overnight to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Customers should consider collecting the water for later use e.g. B. for watering house plants and more. The cost of a short-term trickle is much less than repairing a burst pipe.

Another suggestion is opening cabinet doors to expose pipes. Opening the cabinet doors exposes pipes to warmer room temperatures.

Elizabeth Matthews, Vice President of Operations, said, “These two tips are most important. Not only will they help residents keep their home plumbing safe, but they will also help our on-site team. When pipes freeze, customers often assume they are this is the case. ” have a problem with their water service and call our team for an inspection. This can place demands on our team members who work hard in the field to keep the water flowing. “

If in-home pipes freeze, the best solution, according to Illinois American Water, is to shut off the water immediately and not try to thaw frozen pipes unless the water is turned off. Freezing can often lead to invisible cracks in pipes or connections.

It is also recommended to warm the frozen pipe by warming the surrounding air. Customers can use a hairdryer, space heater, or hot water.

Once the pipes are thawed, the water should be slowly turned on and the pipes checked for cracks and leaks.

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