India News | Plea in Delhi HC Challenges ‘Lead Stabilizer in Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes and Fittings Rules, 2021’

New Delhi [India], December 25 (ANI): A petition has been filed with the Delhi High Court to repeal Rule 2 (2) by a notice dated March 30, 2021 by the Ministry of the Environment, Forestry and Climate Change.

The petitioner, PVC Pipe Manufacturers (Haryana) Association, calls for the legality, validity and ownership of the “Lead Stabilizer in Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes and Fittings Rules, 2021”, insofar as they obtain a license from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for the Manufacturing prescribes. PVC “pipes and the BIS ‘Standard Mark’ on all PVC pipes.

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The Association of Petitions through lawyers Animesh Kumar, Nishant Kumar, Utkarsh Sharma and Shweta Singh alleged that the said contested rules of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) illegally and arbitrarily allowed manufacturers of PVC pipes to obtain a license from BIS and to mark the BIS ‘Standard Mark’ on all PVC pipes.

The petition will be heard in the first week of January in the bank run by Chief Justice DN Patel.

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The plea alleged that there were several PVC products that were required for plumbing work but that none of the BIS standards covered them. Such non-standard items have no substitute. Therefore, the entire construction sector comes to a standstill if only the products with the ISI standard marking are allowed to be produced.

In order to obtain BIS certification, PVC pipe manufacturers must not only comply with the prescribed lead standards, but also certain other standards that are used to ensure product quality for use by the Indian Standardization Institutes (“ISI”) brand unrelated to the Lead content of the product.

The manufacturers of PVC pipes have to produce ISI pipes, which is only possible by modernizing their systems and machines, for which the production units would require a massive capital investment of several billion rupees.

In order to receive a BIS license, PVC manufacturers must therefore have a laboratory, infrastructure and additional workforce at their disposal, please read on. (ANI)

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