Innovative plumbing for engineered timber buildings

A recently completed The building in Sydney caused a sensation for its unique design and environmentally friendly properties. The Daramu House is made entirely of wood, a material that is once again gaining popularity due to its significant benefits, especially for the environment. Wood is a strong, renewable raw material that reduces the loss of biodiversity, is more sustainable than concrete or steel in terms of energy and greenhouse gas emissions, and offers opportunities to contain climate change through a process of carbon sequestration.

Using only an environmentally friendly material like wood is not without its challenges. One of these is the need to limit core drilling, which can compromise or compromise the integrity of the wooden structure. As a result, complications can arise if the building has to be laid in damp areas.

A communal kitchen and dining area within the building.

In this project, every room was rented and the various leasing companies had different requirements for the equipment. The hydraulic engineering team recommended that the developer design each floor of the multi-storey wooden building in such a way that the preferred wet areas of the individual customers are taken into account.

To solve the core drilling problem, the team behind Sydney’s new wooden building turned to Saniflo, whom they had previously worked with and knew would deliver reliable, high quality products.

Saniflo recommended the Sanicom 2, a commercial gray water lifting station with two powerful motors. With Sanicom 2, the architects had the design flexibility to place wet areas wherever they wanted with the knowledge that plumbing would be possible. The Sanicom 2 enables the installation of bathroom and kitchen fittings, including a hand basin, bathtub, shower, washing machine, dishwasher and kitchen sink. This was ideal for the flexibility in wet areas required for this project.

The Sanicom 2 enabled the installation of kitchen units and coffee stations.

The hydraulic engineering team installed the basic plumbing lines and made it possible for each lessee to find bathroom, kitchen or toilet facilities wherever they wanted.

The result is an architecturally impressive and practical multi-storey wooden building with all the desired amenities.

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