Insane | Photos that show just how frozen Texas really is 🥶

Check out the photos and videos below to see what life is really like in Texas right now.

TEXAS, USA – Most people have heard of the freezing, record-breaking temperatures that hit the state of Texas in the past week. But without electricity, without heat and without water since Sunday for some it is getting worse.

Check out the photos and videos below to see what life is really like in Texas right now.

Even water fountains are frozen solid here in Texas. Richardson City worker, Kaleb Love, is pictured below clearing the ice:

If you thought that the weather conditions were just outside the house, this photo proves you are wrong:

It’s so cold in my apartment.

As a Texan, I’m definitely not built for that. I don’t even care.

– @ 𝐁𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐊 ☩ (@ThomasBlackGG) February 16, 2021

While these photos of Lake Ray in Hubbard may be beautiful, they show just how intense the freezing temperatures really are:

After days and days of freezing temperatures, no electricity and no heat, houses across the state are now being destroyed:

Shocking! 😱 Increase the volume!

Pipes are blown before freezing. (Denton, Texas)
Please, if you are in Texas and haven’t already done so, let a few faucets drip until the frost is over! #TexasFreeze #Texas #Denton

– Anas Alhajji (@anasalhajji) February 15, 2021

Due to the evidence of boiling water and many houses without water, many have turned to the snow for their water source:

When home conditions are poor, some have had to walk dangerous roads to escape the cold and find warm shelter:

This was Houston, Texas on February 15, 2021. Unreal.

– Daniel Gotera (@DTGoteraKHOU) February 17, 2021

The elements have found their way inside. A lot of Texas has to deal with pipes that have burst:

Going inside to get away from the cold? Think again

Hey from me and my LITERAL FROZEN TOILET

– Molls! DM IF UNF (@gldencherry_) February 15, 2021

This neighborhood in Belton has a long winding road to get to the houses. On Thursday morning, a dozen or more people grabbed picks and shovels and cleared them up by hand.

Check out the photo galleries below to see even more icy, snowy conditions. In these photos, you will feel cold, even if you are one of the lucky few who is still hot.

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