Intelligent choice for bathroom fixtures

Dear Ed, Read your current column on “Smart” toilets and toilet seats. Since I plan to remodel my bathroom next year, I want to use these smart faucets wherever I can to keep up to date with future trends. Are there any other smart devices I can investigate?

– Jeff, New York

Dear Jeff: After reading this question, I thought a little and found another choice for a smart light fixture, a smart bathroom mirror. Yes, even bathroom mirrors are now available with lots of great electronic features. First and foremost, these are stylish, functioning mirrors with built-in lighting, just like many standard mirrors. But that’s where the similarities end. On the intelligent side, you will find additional functions such as voice control of the lights, integrated stereo sound systems, wireless technology, motion sensor lighting for night driving and even internet access for voice control. While these mirrors require electricity, an electronic smart mirror in return can keep you updated on the latest trends!

Dear Ed: We plan to remodel our kitchen. The first step is to find deals and buy equipment. After we have gathered all the furnishings, let’s start designing the kitchen. Are they making a universally mounted kitchen sink so we aren’t tied to one type?

– Tina, Texas

Dear Tina: When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, it’s a good idea not to get locked into anything. I’ve seen a lot of plans that changed just before, during, and after construction.

In order not to get caught in a pickle, some companies offer some faucets with universal installations.

I have worked with specially designed stainless steel sinks that allow for double mounting installations. These sinks come in different models with nice options so you are not even tied to a single style. The secret to these sinks is that they have a wide, flat and thin rim that can be used in a drop-in or under-mounting configuration.

So if you want a sink that can keep up with the flow before, during, and after construction changes, a double-mounted stainless steel sink is for you.

General contractor / plumber Ed Del Grande is internationally known as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call”, host of television and Internet shows and LEED Green Associate. Visit or write to [email protected]. Always contact local contractors and codes.

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