Iplex introduces Restrain PVC-U sewer pipe

Restrain is the weld-free PVC-U threaded pipe that gets the job done faster, safer and with minimal interruptions – and is now manufactured on site.

Since 1938, Iplex has worked with facility owners and contractors to find solutions to effectively repair, refurbish or replace existing pipelines while protecting the environment and local residents.

Restrain ™ Sewer Pipe was specially developed by Iplex for both new sewer networks and the repair and replacement of underground gravity sewer infrastructure.

The need for a watertight connection with immediate tensile strength motivated Iplex to develop and supply Restrain – a PVC-U threaded connection pipe with a rubber ring seal.

It is not your everyday screw connection: It was designed for both trenchless and trenchless installation.

Restrain is designed to keep the drill diameter small while maximizing flow, for long shot lengths with high compressive / tensile strength and immediate retention with a positive seal in the joint.

Restraint uses the properties of PVC-U and is suitable for use in deep installations. The unique properties of Restrain maximize the use of existing maintenance shafts as launch pits.

Restrain is suitable for many different installation methods, including open and trenchless installations: such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), auger or guided drilling, micro-tunneling, and more.

While it used to be imported, Restrain is now proudly made in Australia, meeting strict national and product standards, and also has a positive WSAA rating.

Recognized for its exceptional customer support and end-to-end capabilities, Iplex will host a technical webinar where customers can hear from the Iplex product and technical experts, as well as ask questions about Restrain. The webinar will be held on Thursday, November 25th at 11:00 AM AEDT and will last approximately 40 minutes.

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Visit the Iplex website for more information.

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