Issue with grants for septic tank repairs

An issue was highlighted where people who have problems with their septic tanks cannot access grants without having been inspected.

The plight of an elderly couple who cost $ 8,000 to repair and for whom no help is available was raised by Councilor Ger Deere at a Mayo County Council meeting.

Councilor Deere said he has received many inquiries from people whose septic tanks are leaking, but if they have not been inspected, they have no way of getting a grant to make repairs.

“We will have serious problems on many of our waterways,” he warned.

Service Director John Condon stated that a tank must first be inspected in order to qualify for a grant to upgrade.

The Council does not set the criteria for carrying out inspections. This depends on the location and the water quality in the catchment area.

He suggested where councilors have problems giving details to the local authority and they will see if an inspection can be carried out.

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