Jacksonville and JEA commit millions to, finally, phase out septic tanks in three neighborhoods but ridding the city of septic tanks is far from over

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – The city of Jacksonville and JEA pledged to pump in millions of dollars to eventually pump out septic tanks in three neighborhoods.

Construction is under way in Biltmore Parish.

It also took a long time.

“Oh, that’s great, that’s great,” said Lili Ghent, who lives in the Beverly Hills neighborhood on the North Side.

Gents late husband was a plumber, so she knows firsthand how difficult it is to maintain a septic tank.

“I just think it’s a good idea that I’m really doing,” said Gent.

Her neighbor across the street, Jo Anne Bell, agreed.

“If it is to improve safety, the environment and water quality, I totally agree,” said Bell.

According to JEA, construction in Beverly Hills West will begin in March, Beverly Hills East is in the planning stage and the Christobel neighborhood has not yet started.

Action News Jax told you back in 2019 how the town started in the Biltmore neighborhood but ran out of money.

“Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances and challenges that can arise with projects of this size, our funds have run out and we have not completed the project,” said Mayor Lenny Curry.

But now there is a renewed commitment.

The city is investing $ 14.3 million and JEA is investing another $ 12.5 million, but this is only a small part of a major project.

“Over 30 neighborhoods still waiting for this government to deliver on these promises could cost over $ 2 billion in total,” Curry said.

The three boroughs were initially selected for their impact on the St. Johns River, public health, and economic development.

As soon as the houses are connected to the sewage system, they receive an invoice, which can vary greatly depending on the total use in the individual objects.

The Biltmore project is expected to be the first to be completed by December 2021.

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