Jakarta Deputy Governor Looking for Donators to Build Septic Tanks

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The deputy governor of Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria has promised donors for the construction of. to find Septic tanks for resident houses. All the while, residents who don’t have septic tanks are throwing their feces straight into the river.

“All regional chiefs will find the solution by bringing together the necessary funds,” he said today in the town hall. He explained that the future donors were someone from these neighborhoods with good financial potential. Construction begins after the money is collected.

Among them, a neighborhood in Rambutan was found to have no septic tanks, and to date 237 houses there dump their waste directly into the river.

Rambutan Sub-District Bureau Secretary Suhartono said, “People pollute the waters and have failed to realize that it is wrong.” These 237 houses are part of 6 different neighborhood associations and most of them are rental houses.

City officials will inspect houses on the banks of the Cipinang and Sura Rivers. “Majority of the houses that don’t have any Septic tanks belongs to someone with good financial resources, “said Suhartono.

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