Jax City Council President Calls For $100M To Go Toward Phasing Out Septic Tanks

Jacksonville City Council President Tommy Hazouri wants $ 100 million more septic tanks to replace sewer pipes.

At the city council meeting Tuesday night, Hazouri introduced laws amending the five-year capital improvement program to include the fund for the water / sanitation system.

The plan contributes to Mayor Lenny Curry’s efforts to phase out septic tanks in the Biltmore, Beverly Hills and Christobel neighborhoods.

Hazouri said his plan would help fund the removal of the septic tanks in the remaining “neglected” neighborhoods in the county to improve the quality of life for all Jacksonville residents.

Hazouri wants $ 100 million long term sustainable commitment to remove the septic tanks and join the city’s sewage services.

He hopes that JEA will work with the city to commit to eradicating septic tanks that are contributing to the pollution of waterways and streams in the neighborhood.

But even $ 100 million wouldn’t solve the problem.

Last August, Hai Vu, then interim GM of JEA’s water and sanitation systems, addressed a city council committee.

At the time, Vu said that it would cost nearly $ 3 billion to complete all 35 urban areas where sewage treatment plants were to be replaced.

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