Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church Confirms Plumber Found Thousands in Cash Envelopes in Toilet Wall

A plumber made a shocking discovery last month while repairing a toilet wall in TV evangelist Joel Osteen’s mega-church in Houston – thousands of envelopes full of cash and checks. According to KRPC Channel 2, a plumber named Justin called on a morning radio show this week to talk about the discovery he’d made when he was called to church on November 10th. “There was a loose toilet in the wall and we removed the tiles,” he said. “We went to remove the toilet and I removed some insulation and about 500 envelopes fell from the wall and I thought, ‘Oh wow!'” The plumber said about 3,000 cash-filled envelopes were found. In a statement, Lakewood Church confirmed the discovery of an “unknown amount of cash” in plumbing work and said Houston police had been notified. The reveal comes seven years after $ 600,000 of checks and cash were reported stolen from the church in 2014. There were no arrests at this point.

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