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JOHNSTOWN – The Johnstown Water Board says actions it is taking lately to make purchases and investigate replacement of defective city water board equipment are due to years of neglect or inaction.

Comments were made at the board meeting on Monday evening in the department building.

The board noted that senior water treatment operator, John Denmark, who was absent, had recently asked for spending to improve the city’s water operations.

“We have a purchase request from Mr. Denmark” said CEO Michael Capparello.

The Board approved the purchase of a dispenser through Pollard Water for $ 3,959 to be used for new taps and services.

The new unit is needed to make the water work easier, Capparello said.

“We had one” he said. “It worked. Apparently it broke. “

The board also approved Ferguson Waterworks check valves valued at $ 9,745 for the Fulton County pumping station.

Board member Mark Empie questioned the cost, asking: “Shall we pick the Cadillac of Valves?”

Capparello responded that some of the life of water equipment in the city was 25 years but had not been replaced in years.

“Some of the things John brings us haven’t been replaced in such a long time.” Said Capparello.

The board approved the rental of a skid steer loader for $ 5,525 from Monroe Tractor for the Cork Center Reservoir.

On another matter, the board approved a motion to request Ross Valve Manufacturing Co. Inc. of Troy to bid for an energy dissipation valve for heavy pipe flow situations.

“This is just to get a quote” Said Capparello.

Administrative clerk Susan Miller read out information from Denmark showing that Johnstown Industrial Park in the city’s southeast quadrant is a low point for water distribution in the city, but it can be an area of ​​high water pressure.

Denmark said park operators sometimes overflow water tanks, causing problems like low pressure in other parts of the city. The board may be investigating a device to be installed to stabilize the situation.

“I’m not sure how much it will be” Said Capparello.

The board approved an amended resolution to purchase a compact track loader valued at $ 55,156 as a planned capital project.

Capparello said this was a point that should have been done in the past.

“Things weren’t really done” he said. “Now we’re doing it right.”

Board members denied a complaint from Tracylee Fiume of 13 E. Clinton Street about a leaking water heater and toilet.

Capparello said previous practice was that the board would not provide credit to water customers “For something like that.”

The board approved deposits of $ 414,258 for February 9th through March 8th. and expenses of $ 15,535 for the same period.

“We forwarded the invoices to them [city] Treasurer at this point in time “ Miller said.

Johnstown Councilor Amy Praught, who acted as the Joint Council’s liaison for the session, asked for a voter. She said the owner of Kasson & Keller on Route 29 requested future water service, but his inquiries had not been answered.

Miller said it was their understanding that the owner may want to modify the building for future use. But she said the building is not in an approved water usage zone. She said Kasson & Keller had to contact the Johnstown City Council before joining the council.

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