Jonathan Scott Kitchen Cabinet DIY Tips

When home stay orders went into effect earlier this year, many people took a long and careful look at their homes. It was reorganized. There was disappointment. It has been repainted and cleaned thoroughly. And now with more time to come at home, more difficult tasks may be next on your to-do list. And if that includes tackling your kitchen cabinets, Jonathan Scott has tips on how to finish them all yourself.

On Oct. 16, Property Brother shared an Instagram post addressing recent interest in kitchen cabinets. “Seeing a lot of questions in the kitchen cabinets comments section, I have some DIY tips for you,” wrote Scott in the headline. Then the mic drop moment. “If you don’t like your cabinets, there is no need to replace them … you can just refinish them! It’s all in the preparatory work. “

So what’s the first tip Scott throws off? One simple but important thing: sand everything down well and thoroughly remove any oil or dirt before re-staining or spraying. “I prefer to spray than brush as it looks more professional,” he added.

His second tip is, if you’re interested in the painted look, “use an oil-based acrylic for a shiny sheen,” warn that latex will peel off. Finally, on the third and final suggestion, “It’s not a must, but remember to replace your hardware,” wrote Scott. “It might suit your new aesthetic better.”

Scott signed, “It will take a lot of work, but it can look great! I believe in you. ”And the avid DIY enthusiast already knows that a good amount of elbow grease pays off. Sand, paint, and hardware, here we all come.

Olivia Harvey


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