Kitchen Faucet – An Impression of Style

A kitchen faucet is not just a faucet, it should be a bold expression of personal style. It is surprising that many people do not take this important fact into account when purchasing this important facility. In fact, there are several kitchen faucet designs on the market today.

This means that you shouldn’t settle for the first faucet that tickles your fancy, but rather look for a faucet that perfectly suits your personal taste and complements your kitchen decor while earning you compliments on your amazing sense of style.

General styles for kitchen faucets

1. Modern style
This is the top option for those who are looking for the trendiest styles at the moment. In this category you will find fittings with all sorts of design elements. Some are oddly shaped or brilliantly finished, depending on where your artistic tastes lie. But all in all, they are not exclusively made for modern kitchens as many modern kitchen faucets work perfectly in traditional kitchens.

2. Classic
People are not done with the classic design of kitchen faucets. They have an air of authenticity that makes them the perfect choice for true design purists. Some of these designs are hand forged and their individual appearance is a big draw for many buyers. Of course, they go best with a kitchen that has a classic look.

3. Contemporary
Most people opt for modern faucet designs. For most people, the contemporary design look satisfies their style desires. Features of these faucets include pull-down and pull-out sprays and minimalist physical designs that take up less space.

4th year
This class of faucet is best recognized by the unique finishes. In this category you will find fittings with oiled bronze and copper for a vintage look.

5. Industrial
Yes, there are kitchen faucets that have the capabilities of industrial faucets. In general, these faucets are more functional as they offer better reach and more water flow. That’s the only thing that really sets her apart.

Kitchen faucet finish styles

1. Chrome
Chrome looks good, and it’s cheap too. Chrome finish faucets are also very appealing to many as they go well with modern kitchen designs.

2. Black matte
Some people just love the black matte finish, and there are kitchen faucets that cater to that unique design taste.

3. Oil Rubbed Bronze
This finish ensures that you get a touch of rustic, modern and classic style in your kitchen faucet. Although it looks elegant and classy, ​​the surface is also easy to maintain.

4. White
White is a great finish for a kitchen faucet, especially when it goes well with your overall kitchen theme.

5. Stainless steel
Stainless steel is a preferred option for faucets for many people. It offers amazing aesthetics and great value for money. It is very hard to go wrong when choosing this particular faucet design.

6. Brass
Brass comes in many forms including polished, brushed, satin brass and solid brass. These faucets have an air of glamor that many people find perfect for their kitchens.

7. Antique
An antique finish gives the impression that your faucet has been used for years and is therefore heavily worn. The antique look makes your kitchen look and feel rustic.

Kitchen faucet design styles

1. Bridge Double Handle Kitchen Faucets / Two Holes
This faucet is installed via a “bridge” attached to two handles. Some versions are equipped with a body spray. For many people this is the best kitchen faucet There is design style.

2. Single handle kitchen faucets / single hole
As the name suggests, this one has a single handle. As with the two-handle fittings, this variant is also available with a side shower.

3. Widespread/three holes
Essentially, this is a bridge double handle kitchen faucet, except the “bridge” is hidden under the countertop, making three holes instead of two on the countertop.

Kitchen faucet spout styles

1. Straight
This is a subdued design that offers better functionality in terms of reaching.

2. Shepherd’s Crook
The unique design looks mesmerizing and gives the faucet some range for improved functionality.

3. Articulate
The faucet features many joints that make the faucet more versatile in terms of reach.

4. Gooseneck
Simple yet elegant, this design outlook goes well with most kitchen decor styles. It’s also incredibly popular.

The future of kitchen faucet style

The future promises more kitchen faucet design styles than either the past or the present has already given us. At this time, designers are already playing with designs with LED lighting.

There are even faucets that come with thermostats that can regulate the heat of the water flowing through them. But in the meantime, above are some of the best kitchen faucets currently on the market in terms of design.

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