Kitchen Faucets Keep Getting Smarter

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Allyson Lubow

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Today’s kitchen faucets are smarter than ever and offer everything from touch-on / off operation and color-changing features based on water temperature to voice control functions and app-controlled programming for water volume, flow rates, temperature and more.

As the faucets keep getting smarter, style trends stay clean and streamlined, while new finishes and split surfaces offer myriad options for personalization. The wellness trend is also reflected in the growing interest in pure water that is accessible directly from the tap.

Below are some of the hottest kitchen faucet trends right now.

– Contemporary design continues to be on trend, with clean lines still in high demand as consumers use faucet materials and finishes to make a bold statement.

–Kitchen faucets are getting smarter; Today’s faucets can not just be turned on and off with a wave or a voice command, but they can change color depending on the water temperature or be programmed to fill a cup, pot, or even the dog’s water bowl to keep levels above levels to set up an app on the user’s phone.

–Split surfaces are still popular, adding style and drama, while matte black and brushed gold are still on trend. Some specialty finishes such as graphite, black stainless steel, and rose gold are also advancing. Bronze tones are attracting interest, while polished brass is also winning some homeowners, but in more natural, softer tones than the glossy versions of the old ones to match the trend towards warmer, nature-inspired rooms.

–Geometry provides inspiration for some of the latest faucets with handles and spouts with interesting shapes.

– With ease of cleaning still a high priority, pull-down, semi-professional and pull-out models are always the top picks, while interest in bridge and industrial style taps is also growing.

–The wellness trend is also inspiring faucets that offer pure water in various forms – chilled, hot and even sparkling varieties.

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