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Klamath Falls, Ore. – A new library will be opening soon in Klamath Falls, but books will not be the main item on the shelves.

Efforts are being made to create a ‘tool library’.

Good tools don’t come cheap, and a new set makes them easier to borrow than to buy.

“The goal of the tool library is to make tools for the Klamath basin accessible,” said volunteer Anya Kawka. “So that people can improve their homes, their neighborhoods, their gardens and their lives.”

Kawka adds that you can already try tools in libraries in Eugene and Portland. “We have visited these libraries and researched to see how they work and how we can do this here in Klamath Falls.”

The library still needs volunteers and special tool donations.

“Plumbing tools – metal welding tools,” Kawka said. “Things that are a little higher, that people don’t have to leave lying around and that they would have to borrow.”

The tool library is located in Main and Esplanade in Klamath Falls and is scheduled to open on July 1st.

More information is available online at: www.klamathtoollibrary.org

KOTI-TV NBC2 reporter Lyle Ahrens moved from Nebraska to Klamath Falls in the late 1970s. He immediately fell in love with the mountains, trees and rivers and never regretted moving. Lyle’s professional history is pretty colorful.

He ran a pizzeria; He was a bartender and kiwi grader in an organic orchard in New Zealand. A Klamath Falls radio station hired Lyle as a news writer and commercial producer in the mid-1990s. In 2004, Lyle joined the KOTI / KOBI news operation. Lyle is proud to note that he has a great responsibility in bringing the Klamath Cymbal to a wide and diverse audience.

“The ongoing water crisis has highlighted the fact that the people and problems in the Klamath Basin are as diverse as the terrain. Earning and maintaining the trust of viewers and newsmakers is something I strive for with every story. “

When he’s not busy telling the news, Lyle enjoys astronomy, plays the guitar, fixes old radios, and listens to everything from Sheryl Crow.

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