Kneehill County council hears septic contractors in short supply

Kneehill District Council granted a subdivision permit an extension after hearing the owners were having difficulty finding a contractor to do the required septic tank work. T

he decision was made at the ordinary council meeting on December 14th.

City councils read a report from Brandy Hay-Morgan, Planning and Development Officer, regarding the request from Bill and Patsy Dau to allow certain deadlines in relation to their property at KNE210154, NW 19-30-23 W4M, Plan 9710820, Lot 1 extend.

“KNE210154 is a subdivision that relates to part of NW 19-30-23 W4M, Plan 9710820, Lot 1,” explained Hay-Morgan in her memo to the council.

Hay-Morgan presented the council members with the extension proposal for the dhows, which stated the reason for the proposal: “Problems in finding duct installers cannot be made until the spring.”

In her report, Hay-Morgan stated, “Landowners are allowed one year from the date of approval to meet permit requirements.

“If the conditions are met, the subdivision approval authority must confirm the subdivision to allow entry in land titles.

“Several factors play a role in this particular subdivision. The main reason for the extension is that the applicant needs to change the current clarification system.

“Due to the short construction time window for installing sewage treatment plants in Alberta, it was difficult for applicants to find a contractor last summer.

“Therefore, an extension of this subdivision file is necessary so that the applicant can complete the conditions set out in the permit on February 25, 2021.

“A typical extension is granted for one year, in which case a further year extension would be granted until February 27, 2023. February 25, 2023 falls on a Saturday, ”added Hay-Morgan to the extension.

She stated that only the Council has the power to extend the deadlines and extend them as often as they see fit.

Count. Laura Lee Machell-Cunningham asked the planner for more details about the specific problem on the dhow property.

Hay-Morgan replied that the original request was a limit adjustment and that in such a case everything related to the dhow property should remain theirs.

However, noted Hay-Morgan, part of the dhow’s septic system encroaches a little on an adjacent property. The sewage system needs to be fully contained on the dhow property, she added.

Count. Debbie Penner stated that this was apparently a legitimate claim as new standards have been introduced for such work which then appears to result in a shortage of contractors who are qualified to do such work.

The city councils unanimously passed a resolution to extend the Dau’s subdivision requirements until February 27, 2023.

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