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Manali: Since the tourists cannot get water from the frozen taps, tourism in the Lahaul Valley has become extremely difficult in the winter season with temperatures between minus 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. In view of the problems of tourists and residents, the district administration will provide the entire valley with an anti-freeze water supply. Keylong District Headquarters was selected for the project on a pilot basis
Lahaul-Spiti Deputy Commissioner Neeraj Kumar said: “After examining the water supply system in Europe and other cold countries where people can get running water even in extremely cold weather, we are using the same technique in Lahaul. The Jal Shakti department will try the technique in Keylong. The tenders for the project worth Rs 13.78 billion will be published in March. Later the whole valley will be supplied with frost protection water. ”
Not only are hundreds of hoteliers and host family owners facing the problem, but other residents in the Lahaul-Spiti district are also being forced to melt the snow to get water. “The Atal Tunnel brings unexpected masses of tourists into the Lahaul Valley. Tourists will continue to visit Lahaul to experience the winter season. The only complaint hoteliers and host family owners get from tourists is about the water problem. Freezing pipes even renders toilets useless, ”said Prem, a hotelier.
Vinod Dhiman, chief engineer with the state’s Jal Shakti (water) division, said the division will insulate the pipes, take anti-freeze measures, and then bury the utility grid four feet below the surface. “There will be no way to freeze water. All houses are supplied with water. ”
and other commercial units with the same technology. ”
“If successful, the test will also be carried out in other parts of Lahaul. The uninterrupted supply of water to hoteliers, host families and restaurants will help promote winter tourism, ”added the DC.

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