Lambrusco Gushes from Kitchen Faucets, Deemed Drinkable; Much Rejoicing

Cantina Settecani, a winery in northern Italy, is still open. So much so that they give away wine, albeit through a miraculous plumbing mishap. Twenty residents of a village outside Modena were surprised to turn on their taps and get a glorious flood of delicious Lambrusco instead of boring old water after a malfunction caused 265 gallons to seep from the winery into the area’s aqueduct.

Although the coronavirus has shut down much of the country’s industry, Settecani’s commercial director Fabrizio Amorotti told Unfiltered: “We have reduced the work, but the store remains open according to the provisions of the Prime Minister’s current decree. But everything is going on. “With a hiccup: A valve failure in the washing circuit of the bottling line resulted in the local Lambrusco Grasparossa, worth 112 boxes, escaping the winery and making it to the city’s water pipes.

The technicians noticed the problem immediately and alerted the local authorities and the water utility company. But it was too late. Rivers of pink gushed from the taps, which inevitably found their way onto social media. The answer from locals who were temporarily given wine cones at home? “Very positive,” said Amorotti. “The residents of the hamlet … were almost sorry that the disturbance was fixed immediately.”

But they made the best of it: Amorotti received calls from people informing him that they were filling their Lambrusco bathtub. The national health department confirmed that there were no health concerns, so … presto! As long as they don’t violate DOC labeling laws, that would be the real cause for concern.

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