Lavergne’s Plumbing Offers Well Pump Services

People across Washington rely on private wells for their home water supply. Wells provide a lot of water, and using your own private water supply you are not bound by municipal water use restrictions and other regulations. Wells can also be far cheaper than tapping public water supplies. They also offer longevity that often lasts 50 years or more. Plus, the taste of well water just can’t be beat. It’s wonderful to be able to drink a glass of tap water without smelling and tasting chlorine.

For those who rely on wells, well pumps are of course indispensable. They ensure that the well works properly and carry the much-needed water supply into the house. When the pump stops working it can create an endless list of problems for the family, not least when there is no water to clean, bathe, cook, and do laundry. In order for the pump to work as it should, you need the leading service company for well pumps in the region by your side to keep the problems at bay.

The specialists for well pump service on site

Plumbing work in LaVergne & Heating is the team of experts in well pumps for homeowners in Anacortes, Bellingham, Ferndale and Mount Vernon and the surrounding areas. As a family business, it has been serving local residents for over 50 years. They strive to provide fast, affordable, and reliable plumbing and heating services.

What are some common well pump problems?

Sometimes certain problems with the well pump can arise. One of the most common is that no water comes out of the well. If you encounter this problem, be sure to visit plan an emergency repair or replacement of the well pump as soon as possible.

In some cases, a well pump can work intermittently. You could have water one minute and not the next. Then, later in the day, the water comes back like nothing ever happened. This problem is likely to get worse over time and until the pump stops working completely.

Water pressure is another common problem with wells. There may be little or no water pressure when the taps are turned on. The pressure can change suddenly and unexpectedly if the water is also left running. You can also find that the well pump does not shut down properly or makes strange noises.

These are the most common problems people face with well water. There can be various causes that can be resolved with the help of the leading experts in the field. If you encounter any of these issues please call or visit to arrange a service appointment.

Stay in good shape

Wells offer numerous advantages, but getting the most out of your well requires a certain amount of maintenance. Have your pump checked and serviced at least once a year to keep it working properly and to minimize unexpected problems. If you run into problems, don’t hesitate to contact the leading Washington Well Pump Service team for help.

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