Leaking beauty spot sewage pipe could take ‘several weeks’ to repair

Repairing a leaky sewer pipe polluting an ancient forest area in Prestwich could take “several weeks” to repair, according to United Utilities.

Residents near The Clough have reported sewage seeping from the pipe, threatening the ecology of the popular beauty spot.

Prestwich Clough was designated a Site of Biological Importance in 1981 to recognize its contribution to Greater Manchester’s wildlife heritage.

The Clough, as it is locally known, opened as a park in 1906. In its heyday it had a bandstand, tea rooms and an extensive network of footpaths.

A United Utilities spokesman in charge of the pipe said, “We looked into this problem and our engineers identified where the sewer is damaged.

“We are currently planning a complex repair based on the position of the pipe on the bank of the stream.

“We will need scaffolding and bypass pumps to ensure the sewer continues to flow during the repair work and everything needs to be agreed with the environmental agency and council to ensure the river is protected throughout.

“The work will also be weather dependent and while it may take a few weeks before we can complete the repairs, we can assure residents that the repairs will be carried out as soon as possible.”

“Longer term, there are river bank instability concerns and we are discussing this with landowner Bury MBC. Stabilization work may be necessary to avoid further leaks in the future. ”

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