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OLYMPIA – A failing septic system is usually an expensive and urgent situation for homeowners. Fortunately, aid is now available in every district of Washington. Since September 1, the regional loan program for local sewage systems has been expanded nationwide and this successful program has been expanded to include 17 counties.

About a third of Washington households use septic wastewater treatment systems. Well-functioning and properly maintained sewage treatment plants can effectively purify household wastewater for many years. Failure of wastewater treatment plants can cause wastewater to build up in the home or spill into local waterways and groundwater supplies – a threat to public health.

The loan program is a partnership between the Department of Ecology, Department of Health, local county and health departments, and Craft3, a community not-for-profit lender. It gives Washingtoners access to affordable finance to repair and replace wastewater treatment plants. Interested homeowners can apply for a Clean Water Loan by contacting the Craft3 website. Commercial real estate and real estate not used by the owner can also be qualified.

“Nationwide access to this program is a win for homeowners, public health and clean water,” said Vince McGowan, program manager, water quality for ecology. “When a failing septic system is repaired, the benefits are beyond budget. This program supports healthy shellfish and fisheries, and helps Washingtoners access to swimming beaches and recreational opportunities. ‘

It’s not uncommon for a new purification system to cost $ 20,000 or more, making it a significant investment that many homeowners cannot afford on their own, especially if the problems are unexpected.

“Washington State lawmakers, the Department of Ecology and Health, and many counties have done significant and consistent work over the past two decades to create this program. Our Clean Water Loan now has nationwide access and is ready to support thousands of new households and improve shared water resources across Evergreen State, ”said Adam Zimmerman, President and CEO of Craft3.

A nationwide expansion of the program was made possible with financial support from the state legislature. The latest counties to join the program are:









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San Juan



Walla Walla



Launched in 2016, the regional sewer system loan program has helped nearly 1,200 homeowners repair or replace their sewage treatment plants, valued at $ 26.7 million. Collectively, these systems treat 154 million gallons of wastewater annually. Previously, Craft3 partnered with certain counties to offer clean water loans on a more limited basis.

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