Local News: Council asked to OK emergency storm sewer repair (3/12/21)

Heavy rains expected this weekend could make emergency repairs to the storm sewer on the south side of McCook’s Weiland field even more urgent.

Bruce Crosby / McCook Gazette

McCOOK, Neb. ?? Since heavy rains are predicted this weekend, the erosion problems on the Weiland field could worsen. McCook City Council will be asked Monday night to confirm the emergency purchase of services to repair damage to storm sewers that has caused significant erosion under bleachers.

The city council meets at 5:30 p.m. in the city council chambers of the city council building and is asked to approve a 2 1/2% increase in water rates and a 3% increase in sewage rates on Monday evening.

The emergency purchase of services is used to repair damage to the Weiland field and ?? L ?? Street storm sewers, first noticed in February. City officials do not believe the city has time to go through the council approval, promotion and tendering process, which can take six to eight weeks, and are requesting confirmation of the status of the emergency project for this project.

On the south side of Weiland Field at the intersection of L and East Second are three storm sewer inlets that drain into a 24-inch metal pipe that drains under the south grandstands on Weiland Field and then into Bolles Canyon. The pipe had leaked and a major washout occurred under the south side of the grandstand. The grandstand on the south side may not have people at the moment, but it appears to be stable, city officials said in their report. This could change if it rains heavily and heavily as additional significant erosion could occur and compromise the integrity of the grandstand.

The city’s employees are authorized to carry out the necessary repairs in an emergency. Projects over $ 30,000 must be approved by the city council. This project is estimated to cost more than $ 30,000. The repairs include abandoning the current storm sewer pipe and installing a new storm sewer under M Street and in Bolles Canyon.

Plans and specifications are currently being prepared by W Design Associates. Once a contract price has been established, staff will bring it back to the council for further confirmation.

In other business areas, the council is asked to approve a 2 1/2% increase in the water rate and a 3% increase in the sewage rate to help meet inflation and fund capital improvement projects. The rates were recommended by Public Financial Management, which reviews the city’s water and sanitation costs / revenues annually. PFM recommended smaller annual water rate increases to avoid a large increase that may be required after several years without an increase.

The last time the council approved an increase in the water rate was in January 2020. Using the PFM model as a benchmark and the expected decline in water sales to near annual average, annual sales for the water department for 2020-21 are estimated at $ 2.2 to $ 2.4 million.

For the sewer, the 3% increase will generate an additional $ 30,000 for the 2020-21 period. The last time the council increased sewage charges was in January 2020. The proposed ordinance setting the increased sewage rate also provides for a fee of $ 35 per load for unloading sewer trucks after hours and weekends at the sewage treatment plant as well as one Increase in front faucet / connection fee from $ 50 to $ 150. The current $ 50 fee does not cover the cost of tap saddles, labor, and sewer connection equipment. Both rate increases must be approved three times per city ordinance procedure.

Further regular agenda items for Monday evening are:

– Accept and submit an inquiry from Richard Haag for the McCook City property purchase at 201 Norris, the intersection of Norris Avenue and B Street. The property is just south of Hague’s business, Bottom Dollar Ranch. Haag is offering $ 5,000 and would like to use the area for dealer spots that complement its business. If the city does not want to sell the property, Haag is interested in renting the property. This is a no-action for the Monday meeting. Haag checks with the city’s building inspector, Barry Mooney, to see if any other concerns he had, including the brick structure attached to the building wall, settling and allowing water to seep into the building’s basement.

-Discussion of the citizens’ comments? Part of the McCook City Council meetings. The city officials would like to discuss with the city council a possible agreement that would allow a discussion between the citizens and the city council during the citizens’ commentary. According to the law, only items listed on the agenda of the regular session can be discussed by the city council at a city council meeting. A number of people recently presented articles during Citizen Comments. and the city council must not react, discuss or act directly, which leads to misunderstandings, according to city officials.

– A presentation by Public Prosecutor Nathaniel Mustion on an update on land banks.

– McCook Chamber of Commerce report – First Quarter Report 2021.

The council meeting begins Monday evening by calling on the council to pass two resolutions that include an agreement with McCook Keno, LLC to operate a keno lottery in the town of McCook for a period of five years and approve Outlaws 1882 Saloon Be approved as a point of sale for the operation of the Keno lottery.

Points of approval on the agenda are:

– Approve Resolution No. 2021-04 to amend and update the City of McCook Employee Handbook: The vacation portion of the handbook has been removed from the newly updated version so that this portion will be included in the handbook.

Approve an agency agreement with the Nebraska Department of Transportation, Aviation Department and authorize the Mayor to sign the city may receive $ 13,000 for airport purposes under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA Act).

– Approve Ronda Graff’s request to use the city’s streets and trails for the 2021 Republican River Fitness Series on March 27, May 6, May 13, June 26, September 25, May 20. November 18th and December 18th, 2021.

Approve the 2021 armaments coating project specifications and set the time and date for bids to be received at 29:00, March 29, 2021.

Approval of application filed by JBN, Inc., dba Hi Times Liquor Mart 1, for special liquor license for reception at McCook Municipal Auditorium, 302 West 5th Street, April 13, 2021 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The council is also asked to approve the proclamation designating March 18, 2021 as the “natural gas supplier”. Day?? and authorize the mayor to sign.

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