Local septic service speaks to flood of work calls | Local News

Septic tank repair workers flush out a sewage treatment plant in Miami.


Water is an important benefit in every home. It is used in everything from cooking to everyday showering. And when it’s done with that and goes down the drain, it becomes Jeanie Lentz’s problem.

Lentz, one of the co-owners of Lentz Wastewater Management, notes that due to the order to seek shelter to fight the spread of the coronavirus, people are placing heavy loads on septic tanks in residential areas.

“This morning we had three times as many calls as on a normal Tuesday,” said Lentz.

And that has become business as usual.

She said the service calls at her company had risen sharply in the past few weeks. Most of the calls come from people who see water in their yards, which Lentz says is caused by a full septic tank.

“A lot of people think that your toilet is exactly what you worry about with your septic tank (system),” she said. “But it’s all water that runs down a drain.”

One thing that a sewer system can secure is flushing things it can’t handle, like towels or other hygiene products. However, overloading the system can also lead to problems. Lentz said she also receives calls from homes that were a two-person household prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but when her college-aged children came home or an additional relative stayed indefinitely, more water immediately started through the sewer system Cause problems.

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