Los Angeles Plumbers at Schuelke Plumbing Get Unexpected Praise for Helping a Family in Burbank

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It was one of those times when your intuition got the upper hand. Something came over me and I immediately knew what to do

Los Angeles plumbers are usually not the people you think of when you hear about people giving back to the community. Dave and Jim Schuelke from Schuelke Plumbing are doing their part to change that. Recently, Dave was called to a complex in Burbank about a leak detection call. While searching for the leak, he discovered that there was a family with a disabled person who really didn’t have the right facilities to have the best quality of life.

“It was one of those times when your intuition got the better of you. Something came over me and I immediately knew what to do. I called my brother Jim and told him I wanted to remodel the entire bathroom for free, says Dave Schuelke. “I could hear the tone of my brother’s voice. We are twins and it has always been easy for me to interpret his feelings. I told him I was on board and we made it. It feels great to help people who don’t ask for help but really need it, ”says Jim Schuelke.

The twins were able to work with their suppliers to donate the necessary materials for the bathroom remodeling. Her generous team of plumbers from Los Angeles also donated their time. “It all came together and the family we helped have a new bathroom that suits their needs,” says Dave. Because of her friendliness, Schuelke Plumbing has been featured in well-known publications. People are invited to read the article about her in the Los Angeles Times and the LA Daily News. “The feedback has been very positive and we are amazed at the number of people calling our plumbing company in Los Angeles with good wishes.”

In addition to remodeling the bathroom, Schuelke Plumbing is also known for its consumer-friendly video series that help homeowners with tips and advice on the subject of plumbing. The video series covers a range of topics from hiring a plumber to the cost of trenchless sewer replacement in Los Angeles. “We do everything we can to help people understand their plumbing problem so they can make an informed decision when hiring a plumber. We think this is a different approach than other companies and the response has been great, ”says Dave.

To find out more about Schuelke Plumbing, please visit their website or call them at 1-800-397-0093. The Twin Plumbers offer double the service and double the care. Call now for a plumbing repair in Los Angeles.

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