Madurai college invents wireless system to monitor, remove sewage blocks in UGD | Madurai News

Madurai: Researchers at a self-financing engineering college in Madurai have invented and patented a new system that allows people to wirelessly monitor, identify and remove blockages in underground drains.
A team of researchers from the KLN College of Engineering developed the system as part of a project approved in 2018 by the Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) as part of the Technology Development Transfer (TDT) program. Dr. KNK Ganesh, Secretary and Correspondent, KNK Karthik, President and Dr. AV Ram Prasad, director, encouraged a team of professors consisting of Dr. S. Parthasarathy, Dr. D. Pradeep Kannan and Prof. S -based sewage block remover and management system “. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project was delayed by eight months.
The prototype is a combination of wireless monitoring and portable sewage sludge remover. “Laser sensors are attached to the bottom of a shaft. It can go up to 3 meters or 21 feet in depth, while the depth of the manhole is around 12-15 feet. Two sensors are placed for different levels and the depth is monitored. If there is a block, the level will rise at one manhole and fall at another manhole. So with the difference between these signals, we can find out the position of the block, ”explained Parathasarathy, lead investigator. This can be monitored remotely as the wireless transmission is integrated into IoT controllers and the data is uploaded to the cloud.
A control box is set up to receive signals from the sensors located in all manholes in an area. “Each sensor has a unique ID and wireless data can then be transmitted from the control box. For example, the graphical user interface of an urban society, which is normally used to monitor the flow of water at pumping stations. The sensors issue an alarm in the event of a blockage and an alarm and a warning are issued when the fill level rises. Engineers could monitor this on their cell phones, ”said the professor.
The system also includes an underground sewer inspection camera and a portable vehicle unit to identify and remove any block in the sewer. The camera detects the type of wastewater block, while the portable device with generator and motor uses a flexible shaft to remove a block by flushing it. This innovation was patented in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), India. “We have already spoken to company commissioner KP Karthikeyan. As soon as we can test the system, we will understand if there are any practical difficulties, ”said Parthasarathy.


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