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This week, on The Sound Kitchen, you will hear the answer to the question about the theater sets in Marie Antoinette’s theater in the Château de Versailles. We will celebrate the Independence Day of Bangladesh with an essay by the listener Sultan Sarkar and a look at Holi. There’s listener news, The Sound Kitchen Mailbag, Ollia’s “Happy Moment” and lots of great music – all of that and the new quiz question too! Just click the audio arrow above and enjoy!

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Sound Kitchen’s weekly podcast, which is released every Saturday – here on our website or anywhere you can get your podcasts. You’ll hear the names of the winners and the week’s quiz question, plus all the other ingredients you’ve gotten used to: your letters and essays, “On This Day,” quirky facts and news, interviews and great music … so be sure and listen to each one Week too.

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This week’s quiz: On February 27th I asked you a question about Marie Antoinette and her little theater in Versailles. Earlier this week we had an article on the UK RFI website about this gem of a theater that the Versailles conservation team – benefiting from the Covid-19 closure – has just restored.

There are three sets from the time Marie Antoinette was performing on the stage of her theater and I asked you what these original sets were supposed to represent.

The answer is: A rustic interior, forest, and Temple of Minerva, the latter being the oldest intact decor in the world dating back to 1754. Raphael Masson, the head of the castle’s conservation department, calls the Temple of Minerva “our own Mona Lisa” “. Incidentally, Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, justice, law, victory and the sponsor of art, Trade and strategy.

The theater with 250 seats is The only 18th century theater in France that still has its original working machinery: everything is still intact and fully functional. Raphael Masson calls it “a miracle of conservation” – which is what it is. The machinery can still do A tree rises from a trap door under the set – pretty incredible 18th century technique, don’t you think? And pretty incredible that it still works!

T.Hut is not the only working machine from the time in the castle – all the sanitary installations for the ornate fountains in the gardens are also original! It’s an amazing place, the Château de Versailles. The inside is a little too cute for me, but the gardens are an absolute dream. Come and see for yourself!

The winners are: Everything from Bangladesh – as a little present from The Sound Kitchen for your national holiday and for your loyalty to the show: Boy, there are always lots of listeners in Bangladesh! Thank you!

Of Naogaon, there’s Abdur Rakib, the member of Shetu RFI Listeners Club; Safayet pants from Sunamganj and Hannan Besakha Akter from Narayanganj, who are both members of the RFI Listeners Club and last but not least: The English RFI listeners Gias Uddin Ahmed from Kishorganj and Abdul Mannan from Chapainawabganj.

Congratulations winner!

Here is the music you heard on this week’s program: Bangladeshi Folk Music Medley arranged by Piaru Khan and performed by the Pradeep Bhattacherjee Ensemble; “Hridoy Aamar Bangladesh” from the movie Egg to prem, written by Habib Wahid and Sohel Arman, performed by Habib Wahid, Arifin Rumi and Prodip Kumar; the overture to the opera Thésée by Jean Baptiste Lully, performed at the Boston Early Music Festival; The Flight of the Bumblebee ”by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov; “Vibez” written and performed by Burna Boy; Happy ”by Pharrell Williams and“ Madeleine ”by Gérard Jounannest and Jean Corti, sung by Jacques Brel.

Do you have a musical request? Send it to [email protected]

This week’s question … You must listen to the show to participate. You have until April 19th to take this week’s quiz. The winners will be announced on the April 24 podcast. As you enter, make sure you include your mailing address with your reply and, if you have one, your RFI Listeners Club membership number.

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